TT Machining & Fabricating is a full-service machine shop focused on meeting our customers expectations. Our team will insure the product you design will be manufactured to your specifications, on time, with reasonable rates. TT Machining & Fabricating provides exacting detail when machining high-quality parts for your project. We can offer your business everything from emergency repairs utilizing reverse design to short run production.

Fabricating Parts
Replacement Machining

To accommodate its customers, TT Machining & Fabricating has all of the machines and expertise needed to get the job done right in-house to better serve you.

TT Machining & Fabricating's Repair Division offers creative solutions to help your business solve the problems it faces. From the smallest part to the most complex component, we are confident and skilled in meeting your exact specifications.

Our company has a commitment to help your business with an unsurpassed level of quality and a dedication to customer service. We are extremely proud of the craftsmanship and quality record we have established. Quality is of our foremost concern in every phase of operations within our business. From design to shipping, our goal is zero defects and on time delivery-- every time.

TT Machining & Fabricating provides repair services for a diverse selection which includes, but not limited to:

Replacement Machining
  • Mock components
  • Repair of bearing bores
  • Repair or replacement of worn shafts
  • Repair or rebuild of equipment
  • Hydraulic systems repair
  • Broken bolt extractions
  • Straightening deformed parts
Fabricating Parts
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